Travelbee Management Corp. was officially formed on September 16, 2013 with the purpose of making a positive difference in the lives of our guests and our co-workers.

We celebrate our anniversary by launching the 1st Travelbee Excellence Awards with the theme Striving for Excellence – to recognize exceptional Travelbee employees who have made a positive impact not only at work, but have also served as an inspiration to their co-workers and their families.

For the last 365 days, our commitment has pushed us to work harder and adjust to more changes than we have ever done in the last 20 years. Our proactive efforts have blessed us with the consolidation of the management of 6 budget hotels and inns, with 4 additional properties in the pipeline as of this day.

As we continue to grow, we will face the coming years with an important lesson in mind – ALWAYS STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE, NOT PERFECTION:

  • Perfectionists remember mistakes. But we at Travelbee will correct our mistakes and learn from them.
  • Perfectionists pursue impossible goals. But we at Travelbee will strive to meet high standards within our reach, and will continue to be better.
  • Perfectionists value themselves by what they do. But we at Travelbee will value ourselves by who we are to our guests, co-workers and to our families.

We invite everyone to pursue excellence with us, and make a positive impact not just to ourselves, but especially in the lives of others.

Stay with us. Grow with us.